Formula Manipal is the oldest and one of the largest student projects of Manipal University. We represent the University at the International Formula Student competitions around the world. We are a team of over forty inter disciplinary undergraduates, who aim to Design, Conceptualize, Fabricate, Test and Race a single seater Formula Style race car that participate in events hosted by Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE).

Year after year, Formula Manipal’s efforts have been recognized internationally and we have become the most appreciated Indian FSAE team on the international circuit. Our performance has improved exponentially each time. The team has begun working on its next car. Since its inception, Formula Manipal has been striving hard to excel. A mere idea in 2007, Formula Manipal has come a long way in terms of experience, potential and a passion to thrive and be the best Indian FSAE car.

The University has always been our pillar of strength and our biggest sponsor. We have received a lot of support from various sponsors who have helped us in the past and have agreed to support us this time as well. However, for achieving the aim of self-sustainability and to raise sufficient funds for our project, the team has come up with “Buy a CC” campaign. Here CC means ‘Cubic Centimeters’ which is the unit of capacity of an internal combustion engine. The primary purpose of the campaign is to integrate those individuals or groups who are interested in being the part of the Formula Manipal family but do not fit into our sponsorship slabs. Each CC costs merely $20 or Rs.1000.

The Team uses a 600 CC HONDA CBR Engine. The whole idea of the campaign is that all those interested in supporting/helping/being associated with Formula Manipal can BUY CC’s of the Engine. This initiative will not only allow a larger section of the society to become a part of our team but will also provide us the much needed support and bring us a step closer to achieve our dream. We provide our CC owners with various benefits which are mentioned on our website.

FAQ's on Buy a CC Campaign

Q. What is this ‘Buy a CC Campaign’?

A. The ‘Buy a CC’ Campaign is an original Formula Manipal initiative. Over the years, there have been various people who have wished to be more involved with Formula Manipal. This initiative will allow us to integrate them into the Formula Manipal family like never before. There are individuals all over the world who wish to support our endeavor but cannot fit into any of the existing sponsorship slabs. This Campaign provides a very simple method for them to become involved.

Q. How does the Campaign work?

A. The Campaign works much like any other international organization. You can buy a CC of our engine and become a treasured part of this project. This would incorporate you into our project as well as help us build a well-engineered car.

Q. What are CC’s?

A. The Team uses a 600 CC HONDA CBR Engine. Here CC means ‘Cubic Centimeters’ which is the unit of capacity of our engine.

Q. How much does a CC cost?

A. Each CC costs Rs.1000 (INR) or $20(USD), if you want to pay in foreign currency.

Q. Why should I buy a CC?

A. By buying a CC, you can become an active member of our FM Family. You can be closely updated with our progress. In addition, you would be helping us by contributing to our project. In return, we shall offer you exclusive benefits!

Q. What is the minimum and maximum number of CCs that I can I buy?

A. There is no minimum and maximum limit for buying CCs as such. You can buy as many CCs as you want to support the team.

Q. What benefits do we provide to our CC owners?

A. We send a copy of the monthly newsletter to the CC owners. Every event will have a special banner titled ‘The Formula Manipal Family’ which includes the names of our CC owners. We also put the names of our CC owners on our website under the page titled ‘The Formula Manipal Family’. We will send our CC owners an exclusive invitation for all Formula Manipal events including the official launch of the car.

Q. Where will my money be utilized?

A. As we are a student project, we are striving for self-sustainability. We require money for various purposes which include purchasing of various tools, spares and components of the car and along with other services. Hence, the money will be used for the same.

Q. Okay, I am convinced. How do I buy CCs?

A. You can contact the Team Manager if you are interested in buying the CCs.

Q. Whom to contact for further queries?

A. You can contact Team Manager if you have any queries and/or suggestions. You can get in touch with any team member for details and queries as well.

Q. I bought CCs earlier as well and wanted to help Formula Manipal further. Can I buy CCs again?

A. You are welcome to buy any number of CCs you want even if you have bought them in the past.

Q. Will I be provided a receipt of the CCs I’ve bought?

A. Yes, you will be provided an official receipt confirming the number of CCs you’ve bought.

Q. What are the modes of payment?

A. Payments can either be done in Cash or in Cheque/Demand Draft payable at Udupi or be transferred by wire transfer. The account details are as follows:


Deposits can also be made in the above ICICI bank account.