Current Team

Technical Head

Shivam Gupta

Team Manager

Rithwik Srinivas

The Technical team is divided into subsystems as follows :

The Mechanical Team


Syed Husam (Subsystem Head)

Aditya Narsinghpura

Labesh Garg

Yash Walekar

Aditya Poddar

Shreyansh Goenka

Naman Agarwal

Jay Joshi

Pranav Pawan Agrawal

This subsystem is tasked with the design, fabrication and manufacturing of a light weight chassis. This subsystem takes into account the ergonomics for the driver's comfort and designs an ergonomic seat. For safety of the driver against any crashes an impact attenuator is also designed and manufactured. 


Kartikey Saini(Subsystem Head)

Rithwik Srinivas

Sasank Potluri

Omkar Khandalkar

Sai yashwanth

Naman Johri

Vasudeo Rateria

Kevin Varghese Philip

Gourav Kumar Singh

Mohammed Jannath

This subsystem focuses on fabricating and manufacturing parts such as Bodywork, Seat, and Aerodynamic Package, among several such components to reduce the overall weight of the car. Along with that the molds for the aforementioned parts are also manufactured by this subsystem. The primary fabric used is Carbon Fibre with Vacuum bagging being the primary method.


Vineet Maheshwari (Subsystem Head)

Tushar Goyal

Rahul Mogalapalli

Pranshul Pandey

Karthik Anantula

Karan Kapoor

Preyaan Gupta

Sujay Bhaumik

This subsystem focuses on making the car as aerodynamically optimised as possible, with maximum downforce and least drag. Along with it, one of their major responsibilities is cooling of the engine.

Vehicle Dynamics

Aditya Purohit (Subsystem Head)

Animesh Mishra

Afraz K Ashik

Jomin Joseph

Avinash Pawnday


Darsh Choksi

Siddhartha Singh

This subsystem designs the suspension geometry along with the steering geometry, and the wheel assembly of the car. The brakes system of the car is also dealt with by this team. They also manufacture and assemble the designed components on the car. The goals of the vehicle dynamics team are to maximize the efficiency, control and ride of the vehicle. Further the design of components has to be done keeping in mind the manufacturability. They also make sure that the component manufactured has a high strength to weight ratio.


Sharanpreet Singh Virk (Subsystem Head)

Rahul Rao

Vasudev Gupta

Alish Dobariya

Aman Gupta

Dhawal Samel

Aditya Sridhar

This subsystem focuses on tuning of the engine, along with designing and manufacturing highly tuned Intake and Exhaust Manifolds, and a Fuel Supply System to extract maximum performance from the engine under the restricted air supply as proposed by the rules. This subsystem also focuses on designing the Lubrication and Cooling Systems to ensure optimal running of the engine.


Kashyap Bagri (Subsystem Head)

Shuvam Jaiswal

Harshal Gupta

Toshit Jhunjhunwala

Nishant Yala

Abhinav Sirohi

This subsystem focuses on the designing of pneumatic gear shifting and clutching, along with designing and manufacturing of the Final drive, Differential mounting and Driveline. This subsystem also focuses on Differential tuning, Laptime simulation and Drivetrain modelling. The basic idea behind all the designing and manufacturing is to get optimal acceleration and top speed and a reliable driveline system.


Kislaya Aakash (Subsystem Head)

Deepan Solanki

G S Mounik

Vyom Kumar

Aditya Shankar

Sarthak Naithani

This subsystem focuses on two things- The Wiring Harness and The Data Acquisition. The Wiring Harness includes the engine control unit, the display and all the electrical connections on the car. This sub team builds a reliable electronic system, electro-pneumatic shifter and running display system. For Data acquisition, they develop a complete data acquisition unit with an array of sensors to aid driver training, improve car performance and design validation.

The Electric Team


Udit Rathee (Subsystem Head)

Karan Kumar

Priyaj Mehta

Satyam pratap Singh

This subsystem deals with the storage and delivery of power for the Electric Car. It comprises of three aspects of the car which include the Motors, the Motor Controllers and the Accumulator Pack. The Accumulator Pack is designed considering the energy and power requirements of the motors. The design has to be optimised considering the safety, mass and performance of the battery pack. The Motors are responsible for converting electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy and transmitting it to the wheels via the drivetrain. The Motor Controllers regulates the supply from the Accumulator Pack to the Motors so that the car behaves according to the driver's inputs. 


Pratik Mohanty (Subsystem Head)

Shivam Gupta

Harshil Agrawal

Manideep Cherukuri

Anirudh Sivakumar

This subsytem works on four different aspects of the Electric Car, which includes Data Acquisition System, Accumulator Management System, the Vehicle Control Unit, and the Shutdown Circuit. Data Aquisition System senses and logs various parameters of the car for design validation, and also sends this data to the Vehicle Control Unit which is required for proper functioning of the car and driver training.The Vehicle Control Unit is responsible for distributing the requested driver torque to the two motors based on the dynamic conditions of the car. The Accumulator Management System ensures the whether the cells of the accumulator pack are in proper operating conditions. Shutdown Circuit disconnects the accumulator from the motor controller, when it detects a fault, including mechanical faults.


T.Sri Khyati (Subsystem Head)

Rithwik Srinivas

Jayesh Kumar Rout

Kevin Philip Varghese

Dipayan Maji

Management consists of six subsystem as follows:

Finance and Logistics

The finance subsystem is involved in updating the ledger with the day to day transactions hence, keeping an account of the team’s finances. Reimbursement of bills for various parts and tools along with other paper work is also under this team. The logistics subsystem works in coordination with the technical team, making arrangements for the amenities required in the workshop and at the competition.

Media and Public Relations

This subsystem forms a link between the sponsors and the team. The media subsystem works in touch with the public relations subsystem and focuses on the publicity aspect. The team also does the documentation work for various events. This team keeps the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter page and YouTube channel updated, thus keeping its followers informed.


The sponsorship subsystem concentrates on getting financial support and in-kind sponsors throughout the season.

Web Development

 This subsystem is involved in designing, maintaining and updating the website.

Graphic Design

This subsystem is involved in designing of the Posters, Sponsorship brochures, Calendars, Newsletters and other printed propaganda. Also the team apparel and mementos for the sponsors are designed by this team.

Photography and Videography

This subsytem is involved in taking various photos and videos of the various events and happenings in the workshop. They work with Media and PR, Web Development and Graphic Design subsystems