Why Sponsor Us?

Brand Publicity

Formula Manipal is always related to state-of-the-art technology. The team pushes itself every year to live up to that reputation by building a high performance, light weight and efficient car. Pushing the boundaries of engineering by using revolutionary concepts to be ahead of the competitors. By sponsoring the team, your company will be part of the Formula Manipal family. The team can help with marketing your business. Our Website is viewed by 250+ unique visitors each day. We also have several visitors from the USA, Dubai, Africa, Germany, Korea, China, Nepal, South America and France With our posts on facebook or an article in our newsletter, we can reach thousands of people. Our followers are for example other businesses, technical students or other Formula Student participants. On top of this marketing campaign we can also send a car with two engineers of the team to an exposition of your choice. It is an excellent eye catcher that will draw people to your company’s stand.This is exclusive for our Title Sponsor.

Access to an experienced and well-disciplined team of engineers who have all the necessary pre-requisites and can handle tough situations well. These qualities are a must when competing at the highest level of student engineering competitions. These bright and young minds have taken Formula Manipal to the pole position in India and can be a valuable asset to any company. Our sponsors can interact with the team members at our launch events and sponsor’s meets. Moreover our alumni and a few current members are working or pursuing internship at one of our sponsors.

Access to Experienced Engineers

Product Marketing

FSAE competitions are gaining popularity with new teams coming up almost daily. India alone has 150 teams registered. This points to a large target market that is in place for potential sponsors. Given the social media platforms available, your product will be innovatively marketed by us. Formula Manipal always believes in leading by example; rest assured, your product will make headlines in the world of student racing teams. For example, if a student needs to mention a company that sells Penumatic Equipments every Formula Manipal member will mention Festo, who supports the team from years. When a member mentions a bolts manufacturer, they will always say AB Steelworks. Those are the bolts our engineers use in their design and they might use them for future engineering references.

Sponsoring a team like us goes a long way in ensuring the Corporate Social Responsibility for your company. Sponsoring us is more like an investment in education that will help students see their designs leave the drawing board and burn rubber on the asphalt. Moreover, it is one of the biggest motivational factors when someone places that kind of trust in you and your project. Lets achieve Excellence together.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Expanding your Network

We also ensure that all our sponsors meet the team at our car launch, auto-expo shows and the Sponsor’s Day event wherein all our benefactors are invited to a meet and greet. At Formula Manipal, we believe that hard work must have its fair share of reward. The Sponsor’s Day is one such fun outing wherein the sponsors can interact with the team, tour the workshop, watch the car in action and enjoy the various planned activities. A personal touch is key to a fruitful partnership.