FM-X at FS, Wachauring in Austria

FM-X at FS, Wachauring in Austria

The team returned from UK and immediately started work on the next car. FM-X was designed with the aim of completing all dynamic events with competitive scores. The car went to FS Austria in 2010. Performance improvements were made with the utilization of tools like TTC tyre data, dynamometer tuning and extensive testing with data acquisition. Non-traditional methods like laser cutting and water jet cutting were used extensively. The team obtained an overall position of 27/30 and a position of 4/30 in the cost event. The team had two biggest achievements in history of Formula Manipal. First being that it received “The Most Motivated Team“award and the second that it was The Lightest Indian FSAE car weighing just 266 kgs.

Technical Specifications of FM-X

Car Number

  • 99 (FS Austria)


  • Front and rear single piece Tubular space frame
  • TIG welding ER70-S6filler
  • Material – 4130 steel round tubing 0.73” to 1.03” diameter


  • Carbon Fiber


  • 13 inches Aluminium Rim – Magnesium center Kiezer wheels


  • Hoosier 20.5 x 7 x 13 racing slicks


  • 2006 model Honda CBR 600 RR

Fuel type

  • 98 RON gasoline


  • 79BHP@12000RPM


  • 57N-m@8000RPM


  • Rotors (Front)-Disc Brake System; PS1 Wilwood Calipers
  • Rotors (Rear)-Disc Brake System; PS1 Wilwood Calipers
  • Upright Assembly-CNC 6351 T6-Al, Integral caliper and wheel speed sensor mount

Suspension and Steering

  • Suspension type – Double unequal length A-arm and push rod actuated horizontally oriented spring and damper
  • Wheels-6 inch, 3 pc Al Rim-Mq center, 4.25 inch backspace
  • Wheel rate (Front) – 14.86 N/mm
  • Wheel rate (Rear) – 26.41N/mm
  • Motion ratio – Progressive type


  • Driver size adjustments-Fixed seat and steering wheel. Pedal adjusts fore and aft 25 mm from centre position.
  • Seat(material,padding) – Wet lay-up carbon, padded lumber and knee protection, 60 mm ethafoam head support
  • Driver visibility – 210 degree side visibility